Creating the perfect patio or terrace


In this video gardening expert Adam Frost suggests some great ideas for designing a patio or terrace.  He also gives his top tips for furnishing and adding plants to this space.

If your garden is long and narrow Adam advises that coursed paving along the back of your house may make the garden feel wider. For gardens that are shorter and wider he recommends laying paving slabs at an angle to create a sense of movement. Adam also suggests using different materials depending on which way your patio or garden terrace faces and how much sunlight it gets.

Even if you’re renting a property, Adam explains how planting flowers, vegetables and herbs in pots on your patio is the perfect way to add colour and bring the space to life. If you move house you can simply take it all with you.

He also suggests thinking of your patio or terrace design as an outside room and choosing garden furniture and accessories that seamlessly connect this space to the back of your house. Lighting is important and if you invest in a patio heater or chimenea you can enjoy barbecues and garden parties even when the evenings become cooler.

We hope Adam’s video inspires you to create the perfect patio or terrace and you enjoy many hours entertaining there this summer.

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