Creating a country garden


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Quintessentially British, country gardens are romantic and full of charm. In this video seven-times Chelsea Gold Medal winner Adam Frost gives his expert advice on creating a traditional country cottage garden that conjures up images of Sunday afternoon picnics and afternoon tea on the lawn.

Adam advises you to aim for formality around your house, then allow planting to become more informal as you move down your garden. He believes classic climbers like roses and wisteria are essential to achieving the look of a beautiful British country garden and suggests ideas for planting them on walls, arbours and pergolas.

He explains how to create viewpoints and movement – and gives interesting tips on how to draw people into different spaces in your cottage garden design. You can find out how to use various surfaces for garden paths to encourage people to either move quickly or slowly from one space to the next.

Adam talks about planting large herbaceous borders, getting the most from your perennials and introducing wild flowers to create an interesting twist. From light and colour to sound and scent this video will give you plenty to think about if you’re designing or planting a country garden.

How to create a country garden

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