Creating a contemporary garden


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Gardening expert Adam Frost has designed seven Chelsea Gold Medal gardens. In this inspirational video he gives practical advice on how you can create a contemporary outdoor space that’s both low maintenance and ‘of the moment’.

Whether you have a roof terrace in the city or an urban garden full of wild flowers Adam shares his modern garden design ideas to explain how to make a space work for you, your family and your home. He talks about taking inspiration from the architecture of the building you live in and linking the outdoors with what’s inside to create a contemporary ‘outside room’, where you and your family can cook, eat, socialise and play.

Gardens and outdoor rooms don’t have to be hard work and Adam stresses the importance of having fun with planting and playing with textures, colours and scents. He recommends using plant containers to reflect your personality and bring your space alive.

As someone who believes passionately that gardening should give you a sense of the seasons, Adam advocates using a variety of plants that will give your contemporary space interest from spring and summer through to autumn and winter. We hope you enjoy his video and pick up some ideas and useful tips for creating a contemporary urban garden of your own.

How to create a contemporary garden

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