Garden styles



A structured and formal look that manages nature through sculpted symmetry and deliberate planting.

Understated grandeur reigns supreme, with inspiration drawn from some of the finest gardens. Tones and textures are clean and natural, with tasteful detail coming from interesting moulding or embossing. Topiary and precisely pruned foliage feature heavily, both in regimented designs and understated planters. In contrast to the formality, amusingly surreal ornamental hares and chess pieces counter the overall seriousness of the theme.

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Coastal Haven

Coastal Haven embodies the laid back pace of coastal living with muted shades in sandy naturals and marine blues.

A natural, nautical look that takes inspiration from the muted, weather-beaten shades of the seashore. Pots and planters have rich sea-blue glazes or sandy terracotta textures, while whimsical accessories give marine-style character and interest. Textiles and bunting in subtle, contemporary stripes complete the look, for a sophisticated seaside style

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This cosy continental look enriched with warm terracottas and relaxing blues to reflect the slow and deliberate pace of Mediterranean life.

Embossed and textured terracotta pots in a large array of sizes and shapes are reminiscent of ancient lost cultures. Tonally, warm orange shades evoke feelings of holiday sunsets, while rich blue glazes conjure up images of a clear azure sea.

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Combining decorative features from a multitude of cultures, this look uses tone and texture to create a calming, spiritual look.

Enriched with a spiritual sensuality, ornamental figures of elephants and buddhas are incorporated to create calm and relaxing focal points. Pots and planters invite touch with their organic shapes and dimpled textures. Tones are dark, from smoky greys to jet blacks, but reflect light with glazed and metallic finishes.

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An inherently rustic look, focussing on light natural tones and rich vegetable-inspired hues, giving a delightfully fun twist to the traditional cottage garden.

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