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We care about providing the very best plants to our customers so we have longstanding relationships with experienced growers who are passionate about what they do. In this video three of our growers explain how they produce high quality, beautiful plants and deliver them to our stores six days a week, fresh and in prime condition.

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At Homebase, we like to help you in every shape or form especially when it comes to the plants in your garden. Planting is an art form and there are many different techniques and tips you need to be aware of in order to get the most out of your plants. Our expert advice ranges from how to create the perfect hanging baskets to how to plant up pots.

We like to have all angles covered so we also discuss the basics in terms of how to plant in your garden and how to identify and remove those unwanted weeds. For the more experienced gardener, we also cover topics such as creating a wildflower meadow or how to care for the beautiful rose plant.

We advice that focuses specifically on advice on herbs, fruit and vegetable planting so whether you have a desire to start growing your very own tomatoes or some tasty red strawberries, we have the guides to take you through the journey step by step.