Winter storage buying guide


When Autumn is drawing in, it's time to start thinking about tidying up your garden. As the weather gets cooler, it's important to tidy away those things from summer and start putting away your tools.

Garden furniture & accessories

Once summer disappears, you'll need to start putting away your outdoor accessories and protecting your garden furniture. Cold, wet weather can damage wooden furniture by causing it to split, stain and fade. Metal furniture and BBQs exposed to the elements are also likely to rust. Wash down your furniture of any dirt and grime before you store it away so that it's ready to be used as soon as the sun starts to shine again.

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Garden feed & weed

Whatever you've been using to keep your garden glorious, come winter they'll need to be kept away from frost. Pesticides and other chemical products may not work again if frozen, so it's important to store them away; equally, they should be tucked away from curious animals and children throughout the year.

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Garden tools & equipment

Whether you have hand tools, a chainsaw or an electric mower - all your garden tools need to be protected from the wintry British weather. It's important to tuck away your tools to prevent rusting, and to ensure they don't get damaged or short circuit. But before you put away garden power tools make sure you clean them and empty their fuel tank, then they'll be as good as new when you start using them again next year. Don't forget to store your hosepipe away as they can split and leak if they freeze.

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Bikes, sports equipment & toys

When summer ends and winter creeps in it's best to store all your sports equipment and toys, to prevent bicycles rusting or toys' colours bleaching. But garden storage not only protects your fun garden equipment, it can also keep your garden tidy all year and help your sport sets stay complete.

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Top tips

  • If you're looking for something different to a garden shed, consider a storage box or bench.
  • Waterproof covers can be used to help protect large garden furniture and BBQs that are difficult to store. They particularly help to stop mildew from forming and staining wooden furniture.
  • If you are keeping good quality power tools in there, make sure there is a lock on the door to keep your valuables safe.
  • Measure the space available, so you get something that fits, and decide what you're putting in it beforehand so you know which shape is best.

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