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Christmas tree buying guide

Christmas tree
buying guide

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got something for everyone with our fantastic range of real and artificial Christmas trees. Your first and most important decision when buying your Christmas tree is choosing between a real and artificial one. So find the perfect tree for your family with our handy guide.

Artificial Christmas trees

In the past, artificial trees were a bit of a sad affair with a few wiry, sparse branches.  Today, a good quality artificial tree is hard to tell apart from a real one, especially when fully decorated. It's worth spending a little extra to get a tree that lasts even longer – and although it may cost more, remember, you can use it year after year.

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Here are just a few of our favourite artificial trees this Christmas:

Pre lit chameleon
Pre-lit Chameleon artificial tree

>  7 foot tall

>  Pre lit with 200 colour changing lights

>  Remote control activation


Light up the room in an instant with this charming pre-lit tree. With a remote control to activate the 200 colour-changing lights, with a choice of 8 effects, change the look of your tree as often as you like from the comfort of the sofa.

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Rotating artificial Christmas tree

>  7 foot tall

>  Pre lit with 300 lights

>  Rotating stand


This classically shaped Christmas tree will be the ideal centre-piece of your seasonal decorations. Pre-lit with 300 lights and featuring a rotating stand this charming tree promised to delivers a new dimension to your décor this Christmas.

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Rotating tree

Half tree
Half wall artificial Christmas tree

>  6 foot tall

>  Sits flush to the wall


A traditional Christmas tree that only needs half the space. With dense and full looking branches, this clever tree is designed to sit flush against the wall which is ideal if you’re decorating a smaller room and want to keep plenty of floor space.

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E-connect artificial Christmas tree

>  7.5 foot tall

>  Pre lit with 400 lights

>  E-connect technology


Bring nature indoors with this full and authentic looking tree. Standing at 7.5 foot, this is the ideal Christmas tree if you’re looking to create a focal point in a large space. Pre-lit with 400 LED lights, and with e-connect technology, this sparkling tree will be a real talking point.

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E-connect tree

Real Christmas trees

It’s hard to resist the pine-scented aroma of a natural Christmas tree and with so many shapes, varieties and sizes available it’s easy to find the perfect one for your home.


All our trees are grown in the UK, using natural and environmentally friendly methods, by specialist grower Needlefresh. We've worked with them for almost 30 years now to ensure we have freshest and best quality, real trees. All our real trees are nurtured and lovingly hand pruned over many years, to achieve the perfect shaped tree for you come Christmas. All trees are grown in the UK and delivered from field to store in as little as 48 hours to guarantee freshness and minimal needle drop.

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Needlelast™ Nordman Fir

>  Excellent needle retention

>  Pine scent

>  Scent rating:  * *


Currently Britain's most popular Christmas tree, the Nordman Fir has excellent needle holding properties. Our Nordman Firs are grown from the very best seed available - from the northern side of a mountain range in Ambourlaui, Georgia - resulting in trees that are slower growing and late flushing, ensuring the ideal number of branches, the classic Christmas tree shape, and long, soft, dark green needles.

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Norway Spruce

>  Traditional Christmas tree

>  Pine scent

>  Scent rating: * * *

Despite its name, Norway Spruce grows throughout Britain, and was for a long time the country's most popular Christmas tree. With regular and expert pruning and shearing, it grows into a bushy, classically-shaped tree, with short green needles. These needles can easily drop if you allow your tree to dry out, but if you keep topping up the water it should keep its looks throughout the whole festive season.

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Needlelast™ Fraser Fir

>  Excellent needle retention

>  Citrus scent

>  Scent rating: * *


Although similar in appearance to the Norway Spruce, the Fraser Fir has all the desirable needle holding qualities of the Nordman Fir. It has a unique and extremely pleasing fragrance of balsam, and at its best is a pleasingly well-shaped tree. You might find its availability limited elsewhere however, as many nurseries find it a difficult tree to grow.

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Blue Spruce

>  Distinctive blue/green foliage

>  Good needle retention

>  Scent rating: *


For many years Germany's traditional Christmas tree, the Blue Spruce comes in colours ranging from grey-green to a brighter blue-green. This pot grown tree has an endearing shape, and is easily decorated. However, its needles tend to be rather sharp, and we wouldn't recommend it to anyone with pets or young children.

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