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A patio is an excellent addition to your outdoor living environment, and can create a unique space for you to entertain guests, enjoy al fresco dining, or simply relax and unwind.

When it comes to buying paving, there are a wide variety of material types and paving slab options to choose from, which can make the task of laying a patio seem daunting. This expert guide will take you through the process of buying the perfect paving, so that you can transform your garden with ease.

How to choose a paving pattern

How many paving slabs will I need?

Individual paving calculator

Paving size (mm)No. of slabs per m²No. of slabs to cover 5m²No. of slabs to cover 10m²
600 x 60031427
600 x 45041836
600 x 30062753
450 x 45052447
450 x 30073570
400 x 40073263
300 x 3001152105

Patio pack calculator:
0012_GBU_UC190783_UC190792 (1)

Laying patterns for mixed sized patio packs

Patio pack laying patterns vary from range to range. Pattern options for mixed size patio packs are available on the Homebase website. These illustrations show an example of the kind of effects that can be achieved.

Laying pattern A:
Patio buying guide patio pack laying pattern 1
Laying pattern B:
Patio buying guide patio pack laying pattern 2

Paving accessories

Choose from our range of stylish accessories to add those important finishing touches to your garden design.

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