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Outdoor storage, like garden sheds, storage chests, log stores and bike sheds, are an invaluable addition to any garden. In addition to helping you protect your possessions from the British weather, they will also help to free up space in your home and garage.

There’s a lot to think about when buying outdoor storage. Make sure you choose the right solution for you with help from this handy buying guide.

What do you need to consider?

The right outdoor storage solution for your needs will depend on a few different factors:

1. Available space

The first thing you need to consider is the size of your garden. Think about where you’re going to put your storage and measure out the area so you know exactly how much space you have available. Large storage sheds have the potential to dominate smaller spaces and can block the natural light into your garden if you aren’t careful. If you’ve got a smaller garden, consider garden storage boxes.

2. Capacity required

Make sure you’ve thought about everything you want to put inside your storage unit as you don’t want to assemble your storage, only to find you can’t fit everything in. It’s a good idea to choose a storage solution with a bit of spare capacity, therefore allowing for any future purchases you might make.

What types of outdoor storage are available?

Garden sheds

Available in a wide range of sizes and materials, sheds are ideal for storing a range of tools, garden equipment and machinery. For more detailed help buying a shed, read our useful shed buying guide.

Garden storage boxes

A space-efficient, weatherproof alternative to a shed. Garden storage boxes come in a range of sizes and can be used to store anything from outdoor toys to garden tools.

Other outdoor storage

Bike sheds are secure, specialist storage units designed to keep your bikes dry and out of sight.

Wheelie bin stores are a ‘neat’ way to keep your garden tidy and organised by hiding unsightly rubbish bins.

Log stores are specialist units designed to provide cover for your logs outside and to maximise the airflow through the logs to help them dry out.

How to look after your outdoor storage

Plastic storage boxes are virtually maintenance free but you might find that you need to oil the hinges from time to time to prevent them from rusting.

If you choose a wooden shed, log store or wheelie bin store, you’ll need to treat the wood every couple of years. This will help to prevent the wood from rotting and splitting, extending its lifespan. Use an external wood preserver, and follow the instructions on the packaging.

Top tips

  • Where possible, avoid placing your garden storage under large trees. Branches can fall and cause damage and tree roots may change how level the ground is.
  • Placing your garden storage near a path means that you won’t get muddy feet when you walk back and forth.

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