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When it comes to cutting the lawn or trimming back hedges, garden power tools make the job that little bit easier. They’re convenient, easy to use, and help get the work done quicker, meaning you have more time to sit back, relax and enjoy your garden. However, as with any equipment you’ll need to look after your garden power tools to keep them in the best condition – just follow this guide to find out what accessories you’ll need to keep them working like new.

Lawnmower accessories


Over time the blades on your lawnmower will become blunt and less effective at cutting your grass. You might think this means you need to buy a new mower, but this actually isn’t the case – all you need to do is change the blades. Different models of lawnmower use different types of blades – some are metal while others use plastic.

The first thing you’ll need to do is find out which company made your mower – this should be easy as most will have the brand name located somewhere on the body, usually at the front. Next, you’ll need to find the model number – you’ll need to turn the mower over for this, as it’s usually located on the underside. At this point, you’ll also be able to check to see whether your mower uses plastic or metal blades so you know you’re buying the right ones.

Petrol Mower accessories

If your lawnmower is a petrol powered model there are a few other bits you’ll need to keep handy to keep your machine in good working order. These include:

  • Spare spark plugs for the engine
  • Spare starter rope and handle
  • Replacement 4 stroke oil
Top tip
  • Regardless of whether your mower is electrical or petrol powered, whenever you’re carrying out any maintenance work you should make sure it is turned off, and in the case of electrical models unplugged from the mains electricity.
  • Make sure you keep your lawnmower kept clean as this will allow it to collect cuttings more efficiently.

Grass trimmer accessories


If your trimmer is a petrol powered model, make sure you keep some 2 stroke oil handy in case you need to top it up.


To keep your grass trimmer in good working order you’ll need to replace the spool every now and then. To do this, all you need to do is find the brand name and model number of your trimmer – every replacement spool we offer has both of these pieces of information printed on the packaging, so it’s easy to find the one you need either in-store or online.

Trimmer line

It’s a good idea to keep some spare trimmer line handy in case you need it. As a rule, the higher powered your grass trimmer is, the larger the diameter of line you can use in it.

This table will give you a general idea of what line to use:

PowerSuggested line diameter
Electric Powered Grass Trimmers:
Petrol Powered Grass Trimmers:
Battery Powered Grass Trimmers:

Top tip
  • Be careful not to overfeed the trimmer line on your spool as this will lower the torque of your trimmer.

Chainsaw accessories

Protective gear

You’ll want to make sure you’re as safe as possible whenever you use your chainsaw. Always wear protective gear to keep you safe from the chainsaw itself and from any debris that might be thrown away from it during use.

Saw horse

Make cutting wood easier with a saw horse to hold it safely in place while you chop.

Replacement chain

You’ll need to replace the chain on your chainsaw after continued use to keep it working properly. To do this, just find the brand name and model number on the casing of your chainsaw. Always make sure the chain is properly lubricated before each use to prevent it from stretching or warping.


Use a sharpener to manually sharpen your chainsaw chain and help keep it at its best and ready for even the toughest jobs. It’s also worth remembering that the older and harder the wood you’re chopping is, the more wear and tear it will cause, but cutting fresh green timber will actually extend the life of the chain.

Top tip
  • Make sure your chainsaw is turned off and placed on a flat, stable surface before you carry out any maintenance work on it.

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