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Fences are an essential part of almost every garden; simple to put up and easy to care for, a good fence will last you for many years. Read this guide to discover all the different types of fencing, and which one will be right for your garden.

What types of fencing are available?

Lap panels -HBO125836
Lap panels

This type of fence panel is also known as overlap paneling. This popular, traditional style is made using a wooden framework into which are slotted horizontally overlapping wooden slats. These panels can then be installed in your garden by attaching them to either wooden posts, or for a more secure fit, slotting them into concrete posts that raise them slightly off the ground.

Lap panels are a cost effective way of erecting a great looking fence if you’re working to a budget. Panels are available in a width of 1.83m and in heights of 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft.

Closeboard panels-HBO123644
Closeboard panels

These are a slightly more premium type of fencing than lap panels that are strong and durable. Closeboard fences are made up of overlapping vertical boards that are nailed to horizontal rails running near the bottom, middle and top of the fence, and are supported by notch posts. Each panel is 1.83m wide and available in heights ranging from 3-6ft with a choice of straight or waved tops.

Lattice panels-HBO163010
Lattice panels

Lattice panels are a great choice of fencing if you’re looking to create a decorative border around your garden. They differ from lap and closeboard panels because they appear more structured and intricate, with horizontal and vertical panels weaving in-between one another. Lattice fences also feature a short section much like a trellis at the very top of each panel.

The beautiful look of lattice fences means that you’ll pay a bit more for them per panel than the lap and closeboards equivalents, but this style of fencing will make a striking addition to your garden. Lattice panels are available in widths of 1.80m, and heights of 4 or 6ft.

Picket fencing -HBO20525
Picket fencing

This type of fencing is made up of evenly spaced vertical boards measuring around 1m high that are often used as a border in front gardens. Picket fencing is a more decorative type of barrier than other types of fencing, and although it won’t provide any privacy, it does make a great alternative to a front wall as it's easy to put up.

Trellis -HBO189791
Combination of Trellis & panels

Trellis can make quite a versatile addition to your garden. Try adding a small trellis to the top of existing fence panels to bring a whole new look to your garden. This will help raise the height of an established fence and give a little more privacy to your garden, whilst the framework will make it still feel open and airy.

Another option is to attach a trellis to the side of your garden fence. As plants climb up it, they’ll cover the existing fence panels, disguising them and bringing more green into your garden.

Screens -HBO3214

While they won’t provide any security, screens are a great way of creating enclosed spaces within your garden, such as to hide bin areas or to put around a barbecue to shield it from the wind on a breezy day. Screens are available in a variety of materials including bamboo, reed and willow.

They’re really easy to put up, simply hammer their poles into the ground using a mallet, so you can take them down and put them back up as needed.

Caring for your fence

Gravel boards

Our dip-treated fence panels require the use of a gravel board. These are placed at the bottom of the fence, helping to raise the wood panels above ground level to prevent them from rotting.

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Protecting against rot

As with everything made of wood, you’ll need to show your fencing a little care and attention every now and then to keep it protected against the elements. We’ve got a great range of products to help you treat your fence – from traditional varnishes to spray on products that’ll get the job done in almost no time at all. We’ve even got coloured wood stains if you fancy a change from the natural appearance of your fence.

Take the time to keep your fences varnished and they’ll last you for many years to come whatever the weather.

For a little extra peace of mind, all our fence panels come with a guarantee. Lap panel and close-board panels that are dip treated and require a gravel board have a 10 year conditional anti-rot guarantee. Decorative lattice panels have a 15 year conditional anti rot guarantee, and are pressure treated to provide greater protection against rot; this also means they don’t need an annual retreatment.

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Top tip
  • Once you’ve erected your beautiful new fence, why not enhance it with a matching gate? We have a great range so you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

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