Electric screwdriver buying guide


Choosing an electric screwdriver

Why turn the screw yourself when you can use battery power to do it for you? Today’s pocket screwdrivers offer excellent power, more precision and are exceptionally handy. While simple, we’re confident it’ll be one of the best purchases you ever make!

Whether you’re putting shelves up, assembling furniture or building something from scratch – one of these electric screwdrivers will make the task at hand a doddle.

How much power does my screwdriver need?

Picking an electric screwdriver that is just right for you will depend on the scale of work you intend to undertake. However screwdrivers with larger voltages do tend to be more powerful. A screwdriver’s revolutions per minute will reveal a lot about its motor speed, with a higher RPM allowing you to carry out your tasks with ease.

Consider how much battery power you’ll need for specific jobs and make sure it is fully charged before use. For tougher jobs, use a corded power drill.

Some electric screwdrivers will give you control over the power through adjustable torque features. This will allow you to adjust the twist force to match screw sizes. Larger screws will often require more effort, but you’ll be amazed at just how easy it becomes when the power is adjusted.

Top tip

If you’re considering only doing some light drilling, then these small innovative screwdrivers are ideal and capable of a wide range of tasks around the house. For much tougher jobs, consider a more powerful screwdriver or use a power drill.

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