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Be inspired to refresh your rooms with fun paint ideas, wonderful wallpaper designs and the latest interior collections. Look through wallpaper galleries to see everything from basic stripes to typographic prints; or reconsider your colour scheme with new painting trends and inspiration for an eye-catching feature wall.

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Top tips

Decorating top tip primer tint

To save an extra coat of paint, tint your primer paint with your final colour

Decorating top tip

Use WD40 to remove those 'accidental' wall drawings

Decorating top tip elastic band

Prevent a build up of paint around the edge of the tin by using an elastic band to wipe your brush instead.

Decorating top tip line paint tray

Does the cleaning up after painting put you off even starting it? Why not line the inside of your paint tray to save on washing it up

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Imagining the new look you want to achieve and actually pulling it off without the intervention of professional help are two very different things. Therefore, we have compiled some extremely useful decorating top tips to help you with your interior design and create your dream home.