Decorating tools advice

When starting a decorating project, it's important to have the right tools at hand. Explore our buying guides to help you find the perfect tools for your job.


Transforming a room in your home is exciting and decorating it yourself will give you even more pleasure, but to do so you need to be properly prepared so you can do the job effectively and efficiently. Take your time and make sure you are armed with all the right information before you even pick up a brush.

At Homebase, we understand that having the right DIY tools and equipment to do the job at hand is also essential, whether you are painting a wall, putting up shelves or removing old wallpaper. We have collated a selection of detailed buying guides to ensure you choose the best painting and decorating equipment to suit the job you are doing in your home.

Our advice doesn't stop there, we have also put together useful buying information for wallpapering productsdrills, sanders, power saws, heat guns and electric screwdrivers, so it is worth investing your time now, doing your homework and research in order to save time when it comes to carrying out your DIY tasks. Make use or our expert advice and finish your projects quickly and professionally with Homebase.