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Get the perfect finish outside the home and in specialist areas with formulated paints for specific situations. Not every surface is as simple as interior walls but whatever you want to paint you can get the job done easily by finding the specialist paint you need. Whether it's wood, metal or tiles, add a boost to your home with the right product for the job.

What floor paint should I use?

Keeping your tiles clean and bright is straightforward when you use specialist paint. You can find stylish options, some of which don’t need a primer or undercoat, that are resistant against condensation while also being tough and long lasting.

It’s not just tiling that can be enhanced with specialist paint though – almost every type of flooring can be painted, including laminate, wood, concrete and even stone.

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How do I get the right paint for furniture?

When it comes to renovating and transforming your wooden furniture, you should use satin varnish and specialist paint to achieve the ideal finish. These tend to be water-based products that are easy to apply and have a long-lasting toughness to everyday activity.

It usually takes 2 coats to apply thoroughly, and you should leave it for at least a couple of hours to dry after. Metal garden furniture can also be painted with specialist paints that will provide extra protection against the elements.

What are multi-surface paints?

You can buy advanced paints that can be used directly on ceramics, metal, plastic, and wood. These multi-purpose options can be used in a variety of ways, and come in several different finishes to suit your needs.

Do I need specialist paint for the kitchen and bathroom?

Because kitchens and bathrooms are often hotter and more humid than other rooms in the house, they need greater protection against condensation and moisture. It’s a good idea to use a specially formulated water based paint that is durable, easy to clean and more resistant to these common problems in these rooms. You’ll need to use 2 coats and give them at least a couple of hours to dry fully.

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Top tip

Before painting over varnished or stained wood, be sure to lightly sand the surface in order to remove any sheen.

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