How to Plant Your Christmas Tree

How to plant your
Christmas tree

A Christmas tree doesn’t just have to be for Christmas.  Make the most of your tree this season with our step-by-step planting guide.

Finding a spot

Before you take your tree back outside, you should leave it in a porch or garage to acclimatise for several days, ideally wrapping its roots in a plastic bag or burlap sack if you’ve already removed it from its pot.

When you choose the site for your tree, remember that some varieties can grow up to 40m so make sure you have plenty of space for it.

If you’re not sure, you could purchase a dwarf tree. You’ll need to find a spot where the soil drains well and there is plenty of sunlight.

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Digging a hole and planting your tree

It’s a good idea to dig a hold for your tree before the ground freezes. Use a spade to create a hole, then lower the tree gently in before back filling the soil. Finish off with three to four centimetres of mulch.

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Looking after your tree

Always water a Christmas tree thoroughly especially in the first year, then fertilise in the spring to give it a nutrient boost.

Pruning a Christmas tree is easy and you should just remove any new growths that spoil its traditional shape or any branches that look dead or unhealthy.

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Keeping your tree in a pot

If you want to bring your tree inside again next year you can keep in a container, by making sure it has lots of water and is transplanted to a bigger pot as it grows bigger. The maximum pot size that can be moved comfortably is about 45cm.

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