Toilet buying guide


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Choosing your toilet

There are lots of beautifully and ingeniously designed toilets for you to choose from.

For example, if you're seeking a traditionally styled suite, you can choose between a closely fitted, low level cistern, or a cistern mounted higher up the wall to give the appearance of more space.

You can create an even more spacious feeling by choosing a contemporary design, where even the toilet is suspended on the wall, leaving the floor clear and uncluttered. Or, if that doesn't sound like what you're after, how about a toilet which fits up against your choice of furniture unit, with the cistern hidden inside?

When it comes to the flush, you can opt for the traditional side lever or the more popular push-button dual flush. These two buttons let you either flush with 4 or 6 litres of water, which is particularly beneficial if you're on a water meter.

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