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Grow your own vegetables in June

This month you can start reaping the rewards of your planting by pulling out favourites like rhubarb and new potatoes. Adam gives you his tips on everything from pruning plum trees to controlling pests and keeping the birds away from your strawberries. Once you’ve gathered your current harvest, now’s the time to sow your runner beans and plant autumn crops like cabbages, so Adam offers helpful advice on what vegetables grow well together.

General gardening jobs in June

June is a wonderful month in the garden, with an abundance of flowers and a freshness to the foliage. It’s time to mow your lawn every week and make sure your plants get plenty of water. Adam suggests making the most of the longer days by clipping your hedges and cutting back plants that flowered early. He also gives some great advice about what to plant in the gaps in your borders and how to conserve water for later in the summer.

Tools for the job:

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