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Grow your own vegetables in August

According to Adam Frost, August is all about harvesting. From peas and courgettes to potatoes and berries, his top tip for this month is to keep picking and eating your fruit and vegetables. He also recommends pruning apples and pears, as well as keeping spinach, parsley and tomatoes well-watered. Adam encourages you to continue sowing salad seeds, especially rocket – and if you’ve got children, he says it’s a great time to get them in the garden and teach them about cutting.

General gardening jobs in August

Adam’s biggest gardening tip this month is for people going on holiday. He stresses how important it is to get someone to come round and water your garden. Apart from that he says August is all about general maintenance. As well as watering your plants, this includes dead heading your flowers and keeping water features topped up and clean. He recommends tidying your roses and lavender and trimming your hedges before the autumn. And when your garden looks great, August is the ideal time to really make the most of socialising outside.

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