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Your guide to buying showers

Our handy shower guide is designed to help demystify things like thermostatic valves, mixers and power showers, to help you find the shower that’s right for you and your family.

5 easy steps to finding your perfect shower

1. Get inspired

Take a look at our wide range of spectacular showers, either in store, or online.

2. Find out

What sort of hot water supply you have fitted at home, as this will affect the style of shower you're able to choose.

3. Measure up

Work out how much space you have in your bathroom - this will determine whether you can fit a separate enclosure or whether an over-bath shower is the ideal option instead.

4. Choose

Pick a shower that suits your available space and hot water supply.

5. Finishing touches

Personalise your shower and create the perfect package by choosing from our fantastic range of accessories, including everything from multi-spray showerheads with selectable spray patterns, to clearly labelled dials, soap dishes and alternative accessories.

How to choose the right shower

Choosing the right shower can be tricky, if you need a little help deciding which one is right for you our simple 3 minute guide will help.

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Showers buying guide

What type of shower should I use?

Mixer showers

Simple to use, mixer showers rely on your existing water pressure, making them perfect for properties which benefit from high water pressure (and plenty of hot water.). With mixers, the pipework can be wall-mounted or concealed behind the tiles to create a clean, sleek design. Many models also incorporate integrated thermostats (known as thermostatic valves) for consistent water temperature and enhanced safety.

Power showers

Ideal for use in homes with low water pressure, power showers work by pre-mixing hot and cold water and increasing the water flow rate with an electric pump to provide a high-pressure shower. Whilst they provide a powerful, invigorating shower, power showers do use more water than standard electric showers and as such, can be slightly more expensive to run.

Electric showers

Electric showers draw cold water directly from the mains supply before heating it, which helps to keep running costs down – making them a perfect, economical option for busy family bathrooms.

Helpful hint:

When choosing an electric shower, remember that more Kw equals more power.

Enclosures and accessories

In addition to the shower itself, you may also want to invest in a stylish shower enclosure, and some essential bathroom accessories designed to enhance your showering experience.

If you’re looking for additional info, we’ve also written this easy to follow, step-by-step guide showing you how to install a shower cubicle so you can take the time, stress and hassle out of installing your shower cubicle.

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