Your guide to buying fans and aircoolers

When the temperature rises on summer days, fans are a great way to keep rooms cool and comfortable. At Homebase, we’ve got fans to suit everyone, and in this guide, we’ll show you what you need to look for to choose the perfect fan for your home.

What are the different kinds of fans?

Desk fan

Desk fans tend to feature spinning blades, which circulate the air around the room. Available in a range of different sizes (typically 18cm to 30cm), they provide an instant cooling breeze when you need it. Usually positioned on desks to provide personal cooling, desk fans are great for both the home and office.

Tower fan

A space-saving option that’s ideal for cooling smaller rooms, tower fans feature a sleek and modern upright design, and come available in a range of sizes to suit your space.

Pedestal fan

Pedestal fans work in a similar way to desk fans, using rotating blades to circulate air around the room. They are a great option for larger rooms, circulating high volumes of air to provide excellent cooling performance. Height adjustable models are also available.

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are installed around light fittings and help to keep your entire room cool. They provide similar benefits to air conditioning, but are a lot more affordable.

What should I consider when buying a fan?

What size should I choose?

The size of the fan you need depends upon the size of the room you want to cool. Bigger fans circulate more air, and will help to cool a larger area of your home.

What should I consider when buying a fan?
  • Special features – there are a number of useful features to look out for. These include timers, oscillating heads, speed settings and remote controls.
  • Protective cage – most fans come with a protective cage, which houses the blades. Fan blades rotate at extremely high speeds, which can be a real risk to you, your family and your pets, making this feature a real safety essential.
  • Tilt action – some fans come with a tilt function, which is great for directing the cooling air flow exactly where you want it.
Are there any safety tips I should follow?

Even with a protective cage in place, accidents can still happen, so it’s a good idea to take some addition safety precautions:

  • Always place fans out of reach of children and pets.
  • Place desk fans as high up as you can and away from the edges of tables.
  • When installing a ceiling fan, make sure that the blades are at least 3 or 4 feet above the bed.
  • Never leave the extension cord trailing across a room, as it can pose a tripping hazard.

Are there any purchasing tips I should be aware of?

It’s a sensible idea to compare a few different models before purchasing, and to research the brands and models you are interested in to see what other customers have to say about them.

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