Endurance+ paint


Wash away the stain, not the paint with Dulux Endurance+

Dulux Endurance+ Matt is an exceptionally tough paint that stands up to the rough and tumble of busy lives. Its Diamond Tough formulation allows you to wash away stains without damaging the paint finish.

  • Wash away stains without damaging your paint finish.
  • 20x tougher than standard Dulux Matt.
  • Diamond Tough formulation.

For hallways and living rooms


“Our Endurance colour range includes a curated palette of 24 very easy to live with colours ideal for Hallways and Living spaces. The collection offers a fail-safe choice of popular whites, creams and warm neutrals for your home. Within this wonderfully simple range there are three classic greys in varying tones for a smart, contemporary look as well as some beautifully muted greens and soft yellows for a more welcoming yet relaxed atmosphere.”

Rebecca Williamson, Senior Colour and Design Manager

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For kids bedrooms

“Our Endurance colour range includes 14 playful and characterful colours from across the full rainbow spectrum. With a choice of soft restful pastel colours and stronger feature colours it’s easy to cater for nurseries right through to teenager tastes!”

Rebecca Williamson, Senior Colour and Design Manager

Decorating your kid's bedroom can be an enormous task, which is why we've come up with some easy ideas to help you out.  From inspiration videos to practical how-to instructions and tools for the job.

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