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HHGL Timber Policy

Our goal is to ensure all timber and wood products supplied to HHGL Limited (trading as Homebase in the UK & ROI) (‘HHGL’) originate from:

  • Legal, responsibly sourced and well managed forest operations
  • Plantations or native forest that don’t contribute to deforestation by conversion or clearing
  • Forests that provide direct benefit to local communities

We have a zero tolerance approach to illegal timber. To ensure that our goal is achieved, HHGL is a member of the Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) which is WWF’s initiative to eliminate illegal logging. For more information on the GFTN, see

We work closely with suppliers to confirm the legality of wood products. HHGL evaluate all suppliers of timber products, and conduct annual timber supply chain due diligence to verify the source and chain-of-custody of the timber products we purchase. We work with key industry groups, government and environmental organisations to continuously improve our timber sourcing practices.

From 2017, we will be monitoring and reporting supplier performance and agreed action plans on an annual basis. In sensitive forest regions the timber that we purchase must have credible third party certification. This ensures that these regions are protected and the ongoing biodiversity of the forest is maintained.

More than 74 per cent of HHGL’s total timber products are sourced from independently certified forests or sourced with demonstrated progress towards achieving independent certification, such as that provided by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

We believe that our customers and team members have a right to know that the timber we sell is responsibly sourced and we remain committed to ensuring that we provide this assurance.

To deliver on our policy commitment we exclude timber sources where:

  •  The source forest is known or suspected to be of high conservation value, except where:
    • The forest is certified or; 
    • In progress to certification under a credible certification system, or;
    • The forest manager can demonstrate that the forest and/or surrounding landscape is managed to ensure that value is maintained.
  •  The source forest is being actively converted from natural forest to a plantation or other land use, unless the conversion is justified on grounds of net social and environmental gain, including the enhancement of high conservation values in the surrounding landscape.
  •  The material was illegally harvested or traded.
  •  The material was traded in a way that drives violent armed conflict or threatens national or regional stability (what is commonly referred to as conflict timber).
  •  The harvesting or processing entity, or a related political or military regime, is violating human rights.
  •  The supplier does not support indigenous communities.
  •  The material is sourced from genetically modified trees.
  •  The source forest is unknown.


In accordance with our terms and conditions, all products supplied to HHGL must be compliant with regulations applicable in the UK and ROI, including the EU Timber Regulation.

Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN)

Homebase has been a participant in WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) in the UK since 1992.

All GFTN participants commit to progressively sourcing forest products from well-managed sources.

To highlight our progress towards meeting our commitments to source well-managed and recycled materials, we’re publishing the status of our current supply chain for various categories of forest goods, as defined by the GFTN, see it here.

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