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No matter how often you vacuum, pets, dust, food debris and muddy feet can all conspire to keep your carpet from looking or smelling as good as it should.

Rug Doctor’s cost effective carpet and upholstery cleaning system penetrates deep down to remove dirt and restore softness and freshness

Great reasons to try it

  • Save money on professional cleaning services
  • Refresh and reinvigorate your carpets
  • Target dust mites, allergens and bacteria
  • Reduce odours

Why choose Rug Doctor?

As well as having machines that are tough enough for every task, Rug Doctor has cleaning solutions for every stain.

Using detergent will give your carpet a really good overall clean, you can then also target specific concerns such as make-up stains or pet odours, with their spot-cleaning products.

Rug Doctor cleaning products


Rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner in store

Simply bring in your photo driving licence or passport and a credit/debit card to make a rental.

If paying with cash, please bring in a copy of a household bill or bank statement.

Rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner in store

3 Step Cleaning process

By using a one pass cleaning system, you just simply push the machine across your carpet without the need for a repetitive back and forth motion. Then by using the simple 3 step process below your carpet will look as good as new:

1. Injection – Release the pressure sprayed foam, working it deep into the pile.

2. Agitation – Push the cleaner along so that the unique rotating brush loosens the dirt.

3. Extraction – Use the powerful suction to remove the resulting dirt and fluid.

Step by Step Guide
Rug doctor