Homebase for your business

If you are a general business or a government department then our Business Account could be for you. It gives you access to over 80,000 products from Homebase & Argos. If you need a quotation or help with planning an installation, then we have a team to help. Looking for ideas to reward your customers or employees? We have all the ideas you will need. Simply click on the service that's right for you or call us today on 0345 421 700.

Business Account

If you are a private or public sector organisation, and have an ongoing requirement for general merchandise products within your business, then the Business Account is for you.
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Electronic Decorating Cards

If you are responsible for issuing grants or allowances for the decoration of commercially owned homes, then the Homebase Electronic Decorating Card, provides the ultimate in control and value for both landlords and tenants alike.
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Rewards & Incentives for your Business

For all you need to run an incentive or reward scheme for customers or staff, including the supply of giftcards or vouchers from both Homebase and Argos.
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Bulk supply, planning & installations

We can offer a full design, measuring and installation service for kitchens and bathrooms. So if you are a company or a local authority with properties to refurbish or kit-out from new, thern we can tailor a quote to your exact requirement. Or email contracts.team@homebase.co.uk and we will get back to you.