FAQ - miscellaneous

If you have a question about shopping online at homebase.co.uk please select the topic below for our frequently asked questions.

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How do I find our about Homebase careers? 

Please see our careers page for full details.

Product recalls? 

Please see our product recalls page for full details

What is the Homebase card? 

Please see our finance page for full details

How can I post a product Reviews? 

After you have purchased a product we will contact you to request a review on your purchase.
Please see our reviews page for full details.

I have contacted customer services and not had a reply, what shall I do?

There will be peak times when lines may be busy. If you have contacted us via email please allow 24 hours to respond. Alternatively please try again and we can deal with your enquiry and investigate as to why a reply has not been sent.

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