Create your own look

Create your own look with our new decorating tool.

Transform the look of your room instantly at the click of a mouse with access to over 1,000 paints, 200 flooring and tiling choices and over 900 wallpaper options.

You can upload your own photo or select from our pre loaded rooms. Save your designs whilst you deliberate and once you are happy buy or reserve your products online.


Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash are required to use this application.

Install Silverlight
Install Adobe Flash

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Create your own look FAQs

Why do I have to download Silverlight?

The tool requires this software to work

What is Silverlight?

Silverlight is a piece of Microsoft software that enables interactive web applications

Will this work on mobiles and tablet PCs?
No, the decorating tool will only work on computers that support Microsoft Silverlight

The tutorial won't run, the box is empty or won't close?

Check that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash player installed and if this doesn't resolve it check that your internet connection is working and that you have the latest version of your internet browser software (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc...)

Are all the products that Homebase sell on the tool?
Most of the decorating products are included apart from Farrow & Ball, wall tiles and a few individual products. The products that Homebase sell are reviewed and updated so you may find that some products are discontinued if you save a design and then go to buy products later

Why haven't you included Farrow and Ball paint?
Farrow and Ball paints will probably be added as part of a future update

Why are there no wall tiles?
Wall tiles will be added as part of a future update

Can I add furniture to my room?
No, you can only add paints, wallpapers and flooring

Can I save and print my designs?
Yes you can print your design & save your designs to your computer or to our server. You need to register to save designs to the server and to ensure that every stage in upload your photo is saved

How long are the designs saved for?
The designs are saved on the system for 4 months

Will my personal details be used for mailing lists etc.?
We do not save any of your personal details. You can create a log in and password if you want to save your design

Can I change a saved design?
It is better to start from a template or uploaded photos (in my photos) to ensure that the products you choose are up to date with what Homebase are selling.

Why do the tutorials run automatically?
To make best use of the tool it's best to watch the tutorials, so they start automatically. If you wish you can turn them off at the top of the tutorial screen.

If I want to upload my own photo why do I need to measure my room?
In order to wallpaper or floor your room the tool needs to the dimensions to ensure the scale is correct.

The system says that my photo is too large to upload?
Photos needs to be 3.5MB or less

The system has crashed/started reloading?
Please check the following and try the link again:

  • You have a permanent internet connection
  • You are have Silverlight 4 or higher installed
  • You have flash player 10 or higher installed
  • You have the latest version of your web browser installed.

When I've uploaded a photo and started decorating how can I change it if I have made a mistake with outlines, excluding, removing patterns or applying a scale?

In the decorating screen click on the edit button below the image and this will take you back to the preparing your photo tool (i.e. applying scale), use the 'back button' on the left of the screen to go backwards through to removing patterns, excluding or outlining. Note that it you make a change you may also have to update the following tool (i.e. as you go forward using the 'next button'.