Stanley Fatmax fixings

Why use STANLEY fixings?

We take pride in our fixings so you can take pride in your work. We've made a huge range of clever fixings to work with any wall type - interior or exterior, hollow or solid.

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When you're putting up shelves, canvases, clocks or any other heavy items onto an internal or external wall, you will need the correct fixings in order to get the job done effectively. If you use the wrong ones, you are in danger of causing damage to the wall as well as the items you are hanging, if they were to fall down after a period of time.

Whether you are working with a solid wall or a hollow wall, Homebase's online Stanley shop offers all the quality fixings you need to get the job done properly and safely including wall plugs, wall anchors, hollow wall fixings and cavity wall fixings. If you are not sure what fixings are right for your job before you start, then why not consult our online fixings guide to help you decide what to use and how to use them.

With an extensive range of fixtures and fittings to choose from, we’re here to help you get your home looking perfect in a flash, so take a look online today and select the tools and accessories you need to get started and we will deliver them directly to your door.