Miele laundry

Best liquid detergent system with a push of a button

Automatic dispensing - TwinDos offers two options: add liquid detergent /  fabric conditioner to the containers or use Miele's 2 Phase System. For maximum efficiency, TwinDos dispenses Ultraphase 1 and UltraPhase 2 at the appropriate time in the wash process. TwinDos plus 2-Phase-System achieves optimum wash performance and offers the best liquid detergent system available on the market, at the touch of a button.

You can't clean faster than this

Excellent cleanliness in less than 1 hour – hard to believe!

Miele achieves high cleaning performance in a surprisingly short time with QuickPowerWash.

Unique quality

In order to meet the highest quality standards, Miele carries out intensive endurance tests during the development stage. During these tests appliances have to wash for 10 000 hours. This involves running approximately 5 000 wash programmes, which equates to about 5 programmes per week with an average run time of 2 hours for 20 years.

Steam proving programme instead of ironing

If ironing isn't one of your favourite pastimes, you'll love the steam smoothing programme. At the beginning of the drying process, water is sprayed into the honeycomb drum, creating a fine mist which is heated by the drying air. The steam created penetrates the textiles and visibly smooths the laundry. This ensures that ironing is much easier and quicker - or even completely unnecessary.

Savings for the life of your tumble dryer

The filter system and the maintenance-free heat exchanger keep energy consumption and run time low.

Fragrant laundry just the way you like it

Miele fragrance flacons – in 5 fragrances – envelop your laundry with your favourite scent during drying. A family-run company in the south of France, which has been creating perfumes since 1871, produces fragrances for Miele. Using a patented process their perfume specialists ensure that the essential oils in the perfume are preserved. The result: pleasantly fresh laundry with a natural fragrance that will last for up to four weeks.

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