Miele hobs and hoods

For large pans

PowerFlex zones are particularly versatile and flexible: large cookware can also be heated quickly and easily. The unsurpassed speed is unique, with a booster output of up to 7.4 kW. PowerFlex also features Miele's tried-and-tested TwinBooster technology.

Best possible use of energy

With induction hobs, the size of the pan is detected by the cooking zone, and energy is only used on this area. This ensures the most efficient use of energy. The hob won't operate if a pan is not present.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

With a host of safety features, including Safety switch off, system lock, overheat protection and residual heat indicators, you can be sure with a Miele induction hob you are in safe hands.

Innovative technology

Miele gas hobs have electronic controls, which offer even more safety and convenience: Quick-Start ensures accelerated ignition, GasStop & ReStart ensures automatic reignition in case of flame failure. Some hobs also feature a kitchen timer, as well as a heat and residual heat indicator.

ComfortClean pot rests

Miele gas hobs are equipped with pot rests which can be cleaned in the dishwasher. This makes cleaning and the continued use of the hob particularly easy and saves time.

Peace of mind

With a host of safety features including GasStop, Safety switch off, and automatic re-ignition/flame failure safety, you can be sure you're in safe hands.

Automatic operation for intelligent fan control

A Miele cooker hood equipped with Con@ctivity 2.0 automatically achieves optimum extraction of kitchen vapours and odours - whilst saving energy. This feature enables the cooker hood to communicate with the hob. It gathers information from the hob and transmits it to the controls in the cooker hood. This data is then used to automatically select the correct fan setting, ensuring optimum room microclimate at all times. The automatic run-on control function enables the hood to switch off automatically after you've finished cooking, saving energy.

Hood main
Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional

Miele cooker hoods are equipped with a 10-ply stainless-steel grease filter, top layers and filter frame are made of high-quality stainless steel.

The grease filters can conveniently be cleaned in the dishwasher, no visible discolouring will occur, keeping a high-quality appearance for a long time.

Performance & convenience as standard

Efficient and very quiet. The motor, chimney and cooker hood canopy are equipped with special insulation for effective sound-proofing. You can have a normal conversation even with high air throughput.

Explore the range

Update your kitchen with a brand new hob from Homebase. Our Miele range boasts all types of hobs, from electric to induction , all of which are easy to use to make your cooking experience that much simpler. Quick and intuitive, Miele hobs have a fantastic range of features such as DirectSelection for each of the cooking zones, SmartSelect allowing for adjustment of power and roasting levels for each individual area and PowerFlex induction giving you the versatility and flexibility to cook quickly or slowly. 

If you prefer gas hobs, then this range also has an array of great and convenient features such as Quick Start (where the rotary electronic controls switch the burners on), and ComfortClean pot rests that can be cleaned by the dishwasher (allowing you to keep your gas hob looking great for longer). Pair one of these hobs and extractor fans with a Miele oven for a fantastic quality cooking experience and beautiful aesthetic design.

At Homebase, we want to make sure you are offered quality and convenience, something that you can be confident about when it comes to any Miele product, from dishwashers to refrigerators. Browse our range now.