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Miele compacts

Stainless steel
Stainless steel cabinet with PerfectClean finish

The inner cabinet of a microwave combination oven is made from stainless steel with a special linen-weave finish. This surface is also finished with PerfectClean, making it less sensitive to scratching and considerably easier to clean than a conventional stainless steel oven interior. Surfaces finished with PerfectClean are characterised by their non-stick effect: less residue adheres to the walls of the cooking compartment during cooking.

Quick microwave
Quick microwave

The QuickStart function offers quick access to the microwave's highest power level and makes the heating of food and drink easier.

The three defined time settings can be individually reprogrammed. For example, for your hot chocolate in the evening or quick warming of baby bottles.

Microwave combination - for faster cooking

Many dishes can be cooked much quicker by combining a traditional oven operating mode and the microwave function. Depending on the dish, you could save up to 30% of your time.

More capacity for versatile use

Appliances with TopControl have a large stainless steel cooking compartment with a capacity of 46L. This is how your microwave becomes a miracle worker for more space.

Automatic programmes
Become a culinary expert

Thanks to the automatic programmes Miele microwave ovens become culinary experts. Simply choose the desired programme and enter the weight of the food, for example. The appliance automatically determines the power level and cooking time. No other operation or monitoring is necessary. Thanks to the automatic programmes for defrosting, defrosting followed by cooking, and for the preparation of fresh food, all dishes are an absolute success.

40 cm turntable
The flexible one

The 40cm turntable provides plenty of room for different sized containers or several glasses, cups or plates at the same time. This large turntable provides versatile use for all kinds of food and drink. The continuous rotary motion ensures that dishes are cooked evenly.

Multi Steam

The Miele steam oven is an all-round expert and the perfect partner for an oven and a hob. As the cooking durations for cooking with steam are the same as for cooking food in a saucepan, you do not have to change your cooking habits. You can make an entire meal in a single cooking process. Thanks to Miele’s MultiSteam technology, external steam generation ensures perfect results. Six steam inlet ports ensure quick steam generation, heating up times and steam distribution for more even results.

Steam Oven
More than simply a control

Open the control panel at the touch of a button; behind you will find the water container, condensate container and the wireless food probe, which move forward for easy removal.

You can fill the water container and empty the condensate container without opening the oven door. The panel is tilted towards you for ease of use and for the best view of the display.

Versatile for perfect roasting and baking

A combination of steam and another cooking function can be adjusted and altered up to six times in quick succession. This offers maximum flexibility for best baking and roasting results.

The perfect programme for all types of meat

Low temperature cooking is a professional cooking method. Good chefs have been using this type of cooking method to produce tender food for many years and it's becoming increasingly popular in private households. Low temperature cooking is stress-free as there is no need to monitor the cooking process and other preparation can be carried out without any time pressure. The meat can be sliced straight after cooking as the meat juices are evenly distributed.

The most advanced technology behind glass

All Miele gourmet warming drawers are controlled by controls under the flush glass fascia. For convenient use and the simplest cleaning.

Soft close
A gentle tap is enough

With the SoftClose self-closing mechanism the fully telescopic runners glide gently and quietly back into their original position.

Crockery and food remain in their place and spillage is prevented.

Automatic rinsing of the milk pipework

After making coffee with milk, all milk carrying components are rinsed automatically with water from the water container, making it much more hygienic.

For an intensive coffee aroma

More room for more taste. The brew chamber of Miele coffee machines expands when water flows in. The ground coffee is mixed very thoroughly with the water and the coffee aroma can unfold even better. You can look forward to enjoying wonderfully aromatic coffee.

OneTouch & OneTouch for Two

All bean-to-cup coffee machines are equipped with the new OneTouch for Two function, as well as the already familiar OneTouch feature. This automated function allows you to make two delicious coffee specialities, at the same time, at a touch of a button.

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