Karcher pressure washers

Why Kärcher
Pressure washers?

Kärcher pressure washers are engineered to make outdoor cleaning simple, fast and effective – up to 35 X more powerful than a garden hose and use over 50% less water. They effortlessly remove even the most stubborn dirt from almost any outdoor surface. 

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Water cooled range

Arthur our resident expert, talks you through our water cooled induction motors, which power the most advanced Kärcher High Pressure Washers.

Providing you with enhanced performance and longer life, and is why all water cooled Kärcher Pressure washers have a 3 year warranty.

How to clean your car

Watch this video to find the most effective way to wash your car with the Kärcher Pressure Washer, detergents and car wash accessories.

Providing you with time saving tips, see how to do the fastest car wash ever while saving you 50% of the water normally used with a standard hose pipe.

How to clean patios

Explore the Kärcher patio cleaning accessories for our Pressure Washer range, showing you how best to clean your patio from the natural build-up of dirt and algae. 

How to clean decking and wood work

Arthur takes you through how to clean your decking and woodwork with the Kärcher Pressure Washer range and accessories.

He provides you with smart, time saving tips that will enable you to clean with ease.