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Keep your food fresher for longer with a Hotpoint fridge, freezer and fridge freezer. With freestanding and built-in models, there's a model to suit every need.

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Extra Fridge Freezer

The Hotpoint XEX95T1IWZ Fridge Freezer, is part of the Day 1 Fresh Technology range which can extend the freshness of your food by up to 7 days. This is achieved by a series of innovative features including Precision Temperature Control, Ultra Fressh Crisper, Active Oxygen and a 3-in-1 Zone to provide outstanding food preservation, retaining the original quality and freshness of your food for longer.
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When it comes to important kitchen appliances, fridges and freezers are normally at the top of the list. There are many different options and brands available, therefore it is often difficult to know which one to go for? Hotpoint offers a good place to start as their brand is highly trusted amongst many households in the UK.

It is important to find a fridge and freezer option that is the correct size for your kitchen and there are different options available, such as tall American style fridge freezer units or smaller style refrigerators that fit perfectly into your existing kitchen units. For those with large families, there is also the option of a separate chest freezer, and these are normally placed in utility rooms or food parlours.

Making the right choice on fridges and freezers can significantly help you cut down on your energy bills, as well as keeping your food fresher for longer, and Hotpoint's use of cutting technology and innovative features makes sure that both of these important features are taken into consideration. For more help on selecting your perfect fridge or freezer, take a look at our handy buying guide today.