Why buy Bosch

Quality & innovation

Bosch is a leading technology and services company, which provides creative solutions that translate into best-selling products, whether it’s the company’s innovative rotary lawnmowers or power tools containing lithium-ion cordless technology.

Every year the company invests more than 4.5 billion Euros in Research and Development. Around the world, Bosch engineers file 19 patent applications every working day and customers use Bosch inventions constantly in their daily lives.

Whether you want to get a product repaired or order a spare part, Bosch is happy to help with all your after sales service enquiries. Please call 0344 736 0109, between 8am and 5pm, to speak to an advisor or email boschservicecentre@bosch.com. It may take up to 48 hours for Bosch to respond to your email.

Alternatively, visit our spare parts service where you can:

• Order spare parts or selected accessories for your power tool or garden product, with delivery to your home within two working days.

• Arrange next day collection of a product for service or repair.

• Download operation instructions for all current Bosch products and for many products that are no longer in the range.

• Download terms and conditions of your Bosch guarantee.

The Syneon Chip

The Syneon Chip from Bosch intelligently controls the interaction between the tools battery, motor and gearbox, ensuring that your tool delivers efficient power transfer for optimum power and maximum endurance. The Syneon Chip guides your tools energy as needed, ensuring that your tool performs at its maximum potential throughout your project, from start to finish. The Syneon Chip can now be found in all Bosch DIY and Lawn & Garden lithium-ion products with an interchangeable battery.

Smart lithium-ion technology

As a result of more than 10 years of battery research, Bosch has developed the latest generation of smart lithium-ion technology, which provides its products with more power and greater endurance than ever before.

The advantages of the latest smart lithium-ion technology are:

• Maximum power for jobs that need it.

• Maximum endurance for jobs that take a long time.

• Batteries are ready to use at any time.

• Batteries have a long lifetime.

• Electronic cell protection (ECP) prevents overheating and overload.

• Cordless tools with lithium-ion technology offer a lightweight, compact design.

One size fits all with the 18 Volt & the 10.8 Volt cordless systems from Bosch

18 Volt cordless system

You’ll get outstanding performance and flexibility with a single, powerful battery that fits all 18 Volt cordless power tools and garden power tools.

10.8 Volt cordless system

All you need is one compact 10.8 lithium-ion battery to use in any 10.8 volt product.

Robert Bosch 1861-1942

"It has always been an unbearable thought to me that someone could inspect one of my products and find it inferior in any way. For that reason, I have constantly tried to deliver only products which withstand the closest scrutiny – products which prove themselves superior in every respect.“