Barbecue debate

Grilling BBQ debate divides Britain infographic

BBQ Grill Debate Divides Britain

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Wood & Charcoal BBQ Vs Gas & Electric BBQ

65% of our sample prefer charcoal & wood fuelled BBQ’s because:

  • Charcoal barbecues provides a more authentic taste
  • Charcoal or wood BBQ’s bring out the caveman
  • They have no limits! With a charcoal barbecue you can cook anywhere

35% of our sample prefer gas & electric fuelled BBQ’s because:

  • A gas or electric BBQ allows you to cook all year round
  • Gas barbecues are more efficient and easier to clean
  • Gas and electric barbecues allow for more precise cooking

Which BBQ do you prefer?

BBQ Love

80% of guys tangle with the BBQ tongs, whilst just 20% of girls go for the grill.

Couples are 3 times more likely to host a BBQ party than singles.

8% of adults claim to have found love over the coals!

Do you agree?

The UK’s Favourite BBQ Food

From our sample of participants, we found that 95% of people enjoy meat on the barbecue, including steak, chicken and burgers. 90% of the nation would also choose a sausage as their preferred barbecue snack.

BBQ skewers are also an up and coming favourite, with 69% of the nation choosing a skewer as their favourite. Vegetables are also popular on the grill, with just over half of the nation (51%) choosing to BBQ vegetables on a regular basis.

Just 34% of Brits would choose to BBQ fish, with 11% opting for fruit, and just 7% choosing cheese.

What’s your favourite?

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