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If you suffer from allergies then the MeacoClean CA-HEPA air purifier could help alleviate your symptoms. It is important to match the size of the room that you want to clean with the air flow going through the air purifier. The MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47x5 can move up to 236m³ of air per hour but to maximise cleaning, the air within the room needs to travel through the filter several times each hour. The MeacoClean range uses several stages of filtration to deep clean the room air and what makes the MeacoClean air purifiers different is the quality of filter that they use.
  • Colour: White
  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • Material: Plastic
  • Features: Sensor touch controls, filter change indicator, and rubber gasket seal
  • Includes: Multi-stage air purification for clean room air: pre-filter, HEPA filter, charcoal filter with coconut charcoal, ultra violet lamp, Photocatalytic Oxidation enchanced Titanium Dioxide (PCO) and ioniser.
  • Part of the MeacoClean collection
  • Additional information: Removes pollen, smoke, dust, dust mites, mould spores, pollution, viruses, bacteria, VOCs and Pet Dander from the air. Mild allergy - room size of 78m³ (air cleaned 3/hour). Moderate allergy - room size of 47m³ (air cleaned 5/hour). Severe allergic reaction - room size of 34m³ (air cleaned 7/hour).
  • Weight: 4.2kg
  • Filter details: Dust/HEPA/Charcoal/PCO/UVC/Ioniser
  • Suitable for room size: 78m³
  • HEPA filter: Yes
  • Timer details: Off Timer
  • Number of settings: 3
  • Remote control: No
  • CADR rating pollen: 151
  • CADR rating dust: 142
  • CADR rating smoke: 135
  • Dimensions: (H)40.9, (W)32.4, (D)16.2cm
  • Airflow rate: 236m3 p/h

MeacoClean CA-HEPA Air Purifier - 47 x 5 362022

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MeacoClean CA-HEPA Air Purifier - 47 x 5

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