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Looking for some new lighting options for your home office or study? Table lamps and desk lamps from the Homebase range should fit the bill. This kind of low-level lighting is perfect for either lighting specific areas or for creating mood lighting as part of a wider lighting scheme. Small lamps that are strategically placed can add a dimension of depth to your lighting scheme, using light from different angles to accentuate parts of the room.

LED desk lamps are a good option because they shed a powerful light without using as much power. LED lighting is increasingly becoming a popular option because of benefits such as reduced power use and increased lifespan. Desk lamps and small table lamps are used to create pockets of light in the room for reading or other tasks that require concentrated light in small areas. Table lamps sit at a low level and cast light down, as well as a small amount upwards depending on the lamp and light shades. At Homebase they are available in a variety of styles to suit your taste and colour design scheme.

A beaded table lamp will create a design statement in your living space. The traditional design is currently bang on trend and with a range of colours to choose from, can be used in most styles of design and colour schemes. The way we use lights in our home is very important, as is the choice of light bulbs and light tones. It can completely change the look and feel of a room, and create a welcoming environment in which to spend your time. Why not experiment with the light in your home with a little help from us?

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