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LED Frosted Striplight 221mm 5W Light Bulb

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LED Frosted Striplight 284mm 5W Light Bulb

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From fluorescent lights to LED strip lights, here at Homebase we stock plenty of high powered and energy efficient lighting options. To take the environmental benefits outside, our solar lights are an ideal option and you’ll find a wide selection of solar bollard lights which can be used to highlight pathways in the garden.

Fluorescent tube lights are a good option for the kitchen environment and here at Homebase we stock a wide variety of designs and styles. When placed above the main island they emit a good, work-efficient light. Other styles you may like to consider for the kitchen are fluorescent strip lights. A versatile option, these can be cut to length allowing them to be placed in hard-to reach areas, such as under kitchen cabinets to give you a bespoke finish.

Appliance bulbs are also readily available here at Homebase and can replace both oven and microwave bulbs. We also stock a range of fluorescent ceiling lights which are suited to areas that require a brighter lighting display. If you are looking for bathroom lights to complete your home renovation then you have come to the right place as there are a wide range of fittings and fixtures to choose from with fluorescent lights just one option.

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