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Here at Homebase we have a massive selection of lighting, ranging from desk lamps to outdoor and garden lighting. There are many styles, sizes and colours to choose from but one thing that they all have in common is that they need light bulbs. There are, of course, many different kinds of light bulbs for different lights and purposes but the right combination of light source and bulb can have dramatic effects which is why we stock a full selection of bulbs.

LED light bulbs are currently proving to be very popular because of their very long lifespan and durability. As well as these, there are also the more traditional energy saving light bulbs that can also help to keep energy bills and usage down - very important in the age of spiralling energy costs. There are also globe lights which cast a warming glow in all directions.

Halogen bulbs offer another alternative with a bright beam that's great for outside spaces and garages. Check out the speciality bulbs, like strip lighting at Homebase too. We try to offer as many lighting options as possible to cover all your lighting needs. So, if you need to shed some light on a problem, then why not check out our range of lighting and light bulbs online or in store today? 

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