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Check out our fine collection of steamers and pressure cookers online at Homebase. Make mealtimes more manageable and cooking more convenient with our range of innovative and inspiring accessories. Why not consider adding a pressure cooker to your kitchen equipment?
Pressure cooking offers a safe and convenient way to prepare a variety of foods. Today's makes and models are much safer and easier to use than their traditional counterparts. The pressure cooker allows a variety of foods to be prepared in a fraction of the time taken by traditional cooking methods. Faster food preparation saves time, effort and even money as less energy is needed to make meals. Many nutrients are lost through traditional methods of cooking. However a pressure cooker retains more nutrients and minerals as the minimal amount of water is used during the cooking process.
Peruse our product pages for a range of big name brands at a price to suit every budget. Why not consider a Prestige pressure cooker for speedily cooked meals and sealed in flavour? A pressure cooker pot provides a flexible cooking method, working well with a variety of recipes and cooking styles. Browse online and get a helping hand from Homebase with our wide range of small kitchen appliances.

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