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Whether you're hard at work looking after the kids or have just got back from a long day in the office, there are few things better than putting your feet up and relaxing with a nice cup of tea or coffee. To ensure that you get the perfect brew every time, why not invest in one of our great quality teapots or cafetieres for your home.

From the water that you use and the tea bag you choose, the type of teapot that you brew you favourite beverage in will affect its taste and your enjoyment of it. Traditional china teapots from our extensive range of tableware products are a great option, alternatively you could try out one of our steel or glass teapots to see how it affects your brew.

Like our dinner sets and all of the products in our homewares range, our teapots and cafetieres are available in a wide variety of colours and styles. So why not explore the Homebase website, stock up on a great quality teapot or cafetiere and start filling your tea cups and mugs up with the best tea and coffee around.

Shop online for a wide range of Cafetieres & teapots at the Homebase Tableware shop.
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