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Keep on top of your washing with Homebase. Having clean, fresh clothes is one of life's many essentials and therefore having the facilities to wash, dry and iron our clothes easily at home is a must. We stock a wide range of indoor clothes airers and indoor clothes horses so you can have your clothes washed, cleaned and dried in no time at all. As we always ensure that we've got the best products around, you can be confident that you're selecting your new airer from one of the most extensive ranges in town.

If it's not warm or sunny enough to use one of our washing lines and rotary airers in your garden, simply use one of our special airers that attach to your radiator. This allows the warmth from your central heating to dry your clothes, giving you clean, fresh laundry in just a few hours. To help your clothes look great once they're dried, we stock a great range of irons as well as ironing boards and ironing board covers, making it easier than ever to get the creases and crinkles out of your favourite outfits.

If your family's laundry baskets are in danger of overflowing because you don't have the space to dry your clothes properly, it's time to log on to Homebase online and pick up some great value airers. After a few clicks your clothes will be fresh, clean and looking great in no time at all. Alternatively, drop into your local store for more information.

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