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Bio ethanol fires

No gas or electricity, these are powered purely by bio ethanol fuel. They are odourless and don’t produce any smoke or ash. Easy to install as they don't require any flue or chimney. 

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Are you living in an eco-friendly home or thinking of becoming more green? With the cold creeping into our homes, it's time to put on a fire, throw on a blanket and get warm and cosy - but how can you achieve this without using gas or electric? Our stunning range of bio ethanol fires are powered by bio ethanol fuel to keep your home toasty without causing harm to the environment.

With no gas or electric being used, our bio ethanol fires allow you to enjoy the warmth in your home with zero mess, smoke and odours. As there is no carbon being produced, your bio ethanol fireplace won't need a chimney, which is great no matter how old or new your house may be. Don't forget to add your finishing touches with our fire surrounds, to make your house a home.

Not sure which fire place is right for you? Have a look at our guide to buying fires and fire surrounds to help make your decision easier. Here at Homebase we also have a wide range of gas and electric fires and fire accessories to help warm up your home this winter.

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