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Available in a wide range of bright and bold colours, valance sheets from Homebase are a great alternative to flat or fitted sheets. Their long sides are ideal for covering up divans or for hiding any under the bed storage units. The wide array of shades available makes it incredibly easy to match them to your existing duvets and pillows to give your bedroom or guestroom a fantastic overall look.
Fitted valance sheets come in a few different sizes and are available for both single and double mattresses. If a double bed valance won't fit around your bed frame, opt for a set of fitted bed sheets instead. Like all of the products in our range of bedding and soft furnishings, all of our valance sheets are selected for their quality and great value for money.
If your mattress is extra soft and extra thick, you may need to invest in deep fitted sheets to ensure that they stretch all of the way around. To learn more about our range of valance sheets or any of our other soft furnishings or homewares products, please have a look on the Homebase website today or drop into your local store.

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