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Pond plants

Marginal plants create structure & balance around the pond edge

Water lillies deep water plant, produce surface foliage & flowers

Oxygenating plants breathe O2 into water, reduce algae & weed growth

Moisture loving plants like wet/boggy conditions, help to blend a pond into the garden

Floating plants reduce algae growth & provide shade

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Pond plants

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Make the most of your pond with amazing aquatic plants at Homebase. Find molluscs, oxygenating plants, moisture loving plants, floating plants, marginal plants and water lilies in the extensive range that brings life, colour and health to your pond.

Ponds are beautiful parts of any garden, are a great feature and attract a variety of wildlife to your outdoor space. Whether you want to add flowers to the surface or reduce the amount of algae you have to deal with, there is a solution for anything with the expertly crafted Homebase ranges.

It is easy to blend a pond within your outdoor space, especially when you use bright bog garden plants to mix the wet side of your garden with the rest. Use the Homebase website to get easy to use outdoor advice and purchase everything you will ever need to create the design that makes outdoor living a real joy.

Shop online for a wide range of Pond plants at the Homebase Plants, seeds & bulbs shop.
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