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Delightful small to medium sized shrub, in early spring smothered in brilliant rose-red flowers.
  • Additional information: Ideal if you only have room for one tree, no pollination required .
  • Care instructions: Smothered in brilliant rose-red blossom.
  • Feeding instructions: Feed in spring with a mulch of well rotted manure and fertiliser. Recommended for fruit and flowers.
  • Flowering period: This tree will provide flowers for many years.
  • Planting instructions: Plant trees from January through to April. Place roots in lukewarm water for a few hours prior to planting to help hydration.
  • Soil type: Will thrive in most well drained organic rich soils on a sunny site, away from cold winds. Water well after planting and for the first growing season.
  • Latin name: Prunus Tenella.
  • Plant guarantee: Plant is covered by Homebase 5 Year Hardy Plant Guarantee.

Dwarf Russian Almond Tree 264151

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Dwarf Russian Almond Tree

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