Tool & garage storage

With a vast amount of hand tools and power tools needed to complete your everyday DIY tasks it is essential that you have somewhere to store them. Here at Homebase we guarantee you can find your tools instantly when you need them along with ensuring their longevity by providing you with tool boxes, racks or bags to store and protect your tools.

Workbenches are another crucial component for DIY tasks, for example when cutting or sanding these help hold items in place ensuring you can either cut straight or sand without having to hold these items still. Safety is paramount so having a workbench can really prevent any unfortunate mishaps and having the correct safety equipment & workwear for the job is also crucial.

We have car tools and accessories to help you with car maintenance, everyone likes a clean car they can proudly drive around in and we can make it a whole lot easier with fuel cans, glass cleaner, car polish, air fresheners, tyre pumps and more. So keep your car refreshed, your tools handy and your DIY tasks safe, browse our range of products here online.

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