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Timber is one of the most satisfying and useful of all the DIY materials. It's so flexible, in both senses of the word, and produces a stunning finish that can be treated in so many different ways. Here at Homebase we have a large selection of timber to be used to make anything from shelving to radiator cabinets and for other more protective features like cladding.

There are varying degrees and qualities of timber that can be used for different jobs. Sometimes you need fine grade timber treated with fine sanders for aesthetic purposes and for other jobs you need hardwearing timber to use as loft boards.

Timber cladding from Homebase is an affordable way of improving the appearance of walls and cabinets around your home and it can be treated with varnish, paints or left as bare wood depending on your preference. With our hand tools and power tools ready to help you get the best possible finish, the results you can achieve with our timber are amazing!

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