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One of the key DIY skills in any home is plumbing. All houses rely on water, be it for bathing, drinking or heating, so knowing roughly how it works and how to fix certain parts is recommended. Here at Homebase we have a huge range of plumbing supplies and tools to take on most plumbing challenges so that you can keep your home running smoothly.

In most cases, the job will be to check and replace old or worn plumbing fittings. There are hundreds of different fittings available in the Homebase range to suit both older and more modern plumbing systems. We stock everything from traps, wastes and parts for smaller jobs to other plumbing accessories like sealants and plumbers tape. There are many plumbing parts to choose from in different sizes and styles so if you are unsure about which is the right one for you then simply ask a member of our staff who will always be happy to help.

Like any kind of DIY job, the key to success with plumbing is having the right tools. Before you start, ensure that you have all the correct tools to do the job from start to finish. The last thing you need half way through is to have to go looking for the correct clamps, pliers and wrenches! Get everything you need online or in store with us and make easy work of plumbing jobs around the home.

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