Ladders & sack trucks

If you're working at height then you need to ensure you have appropriate equipment and ladders to help you do it safely. Step ladders are designed to let you work safely at a height, offering a stable surface from which to work from and we have a great selection here at Homebase as part of our ladders and lifting range.

Ladders and hand trucks are solid and sturdy, giving you a strong foundation from which to work and reach higher items. If you're going in the attic, then dedicated loft ladders can make this job a little bit easier. Perfect for when you're fitting insulation up there, remember to never overstretch or stand on anything unstable when accessing these high areas.

If you're working outside at a greater height, fixing guttering or attaching roofing sheets for example, then extension ladders are the best tool for the job. With a good grounding, these ladders keep you safe when working at heights. Check out the range of ladders and hand trucks at Homebase and keep yourself safe while working up high.

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